SURFR Trading Systems STS™


We had moved our models to Portfolio123 to have access to independent tracking, monitoring and a sound process to avoid unrealistic models.

The constrains used for launching a model at Portfolio123 can be found here: Quick Guide Ready2Go

Available models

SURFR - ETF Special Tactics V1 (2 Holdings)

SURFR - ETF Special Tactics V2 (2 Holdings)

SURFR - ETF Volatility Harvesting V1 (1 Holdings, Low Turnover)

SURFR - ETF Timing Stocks-Bonds (1 Holding, Low Turnover, IWO-TLT)

SURFR - ETF Timing Stocks-Bonds+Gold (2 Holdings, Low Turnover, Leveraged)

SURFR - ETF Asset Rotation (1 Holding, Low Turnover)

First 5 SURFR together, Equal weight, 20% each, and correlation between system

Five is maximum allowed to be simulated togheter.

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Individual performance

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SURFR - Free Market Timer

It updates every 5 minutes. If the gauge isn't displayed, have patience and wait because, probable, not all data is available. It represents the forecast for next day for SP500.

SURFR - Free Buy & Hold diversified

Buy and Hold Ticker("IYR,MDY,TLT,GLD") in equal weights. Rebalance each other quarter. The results of twelve years of simulation:

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Please note that we are not registered investor advisers and we don't offer personal advice regarding the suitability of a particular investment. If you are unsure as to the suitability of a particular investment please contact a registered investor adviser for advice.

These models are created backtesting based on previous results. Past, or even live, tracked performance is not a guarantee of future results.

We don’t assume any responsibility for misuse or money lost.

We will mildly recommend that you follow more than three different strategies, or to own at least 15 stocks, using different approaches according to your risk/reward profile.

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